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Published Code:

finite(1) (source) is a utility that spawns a child in the background, and then kills it after a timeout. Sounds scary, no?

ptrigger triggers shell scripts on libpcap events.

Win32::File::VersionInfo is an XS perl module that reads metadata in Win32 binaries. You can get the source from cpan and the Platform SDK from Microsoft and compile, or you can download a pre-compiled ppm from the ActiveState network.

This is an obfuscated codelet.

serialdump (source) lets you non-intrusively monitor asynchronous serial ports.

linkstat(8) (source) pings a host and logs status changes.


dcal(1) is to cal(1) what ddate(1) is to date(1).

I wrote this solver to attack the last puzzle in Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It eats a lot of RAM... NOM NOM NOM!

More source coming soon.


Some notes and photos from the Vintage Computer Festival East in 2006.

I have more years experience playing Gamma World than I do programming professionally. We play by modified 4th edition rules every Wednesday.

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Alexey Toptygin <alexeyt_at_freeshell_dot_org>